Welcome to SKEIN 2.0

SKEIN is an expert, evidence based school/college improvement service

Rooted firmly in the international evidence, SKEIN supports leaders in a range of circumstances diagnose what is inhibiting progress toward excellence, offers practical recommendations on steps to removing barriers and then supports effective action to accelerate your drive to excellence.

SKEIN now comes in three 'flavours':

  • SKEIN Momentum - is for schools where progress has stalled and where an impetus is needed to regain momentum. The system works for you whether you are in measures, are borderline outstanding or any position in between. It is especially relevant to small and mid-size multi-academy trusts and federations
  • SKEIN CPD - helps school leaders formulate the next steps for their CPD (continuing professional development) provision to best support the development of their staff and maximise impact on student outcomes. More tightly focused than SKEIN Momentum, SKEIN CPD is particularly suitable for schools (or groups of schools) who are looking to make that next step in school achievement, recognise that this can only be achieved through the staff but need to target scarce resources effectively
  • SKEIN FE - provides the same service as SKEIN CPD but has been specifically adapted for colleges and other providers in the Further Education and Skills sector 

Please click on the tile below to find out more about each member of the SKEIN family or look at our FAQ if you are not sure which one is right for you